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The Free Energy Revolution

Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery
without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.
-Nicola Tesla

Big Oil (Exxon-Mobil, BP, Chevron, Shell etc...) are a clear and present danger to human civilization in 2020.

The global hydrocarbon economy has created the #1 international security threat to human civilization in the form of global warming or what is now generally referred to as global climate change. Big Oil companies are the biggest and most profitable transnational corporations on earth, with Big Tech companies following close behind. In their psychotic quest for power, profit, control and monopolization of energy resources, they have done everything in their power to supress or squelch efforts to bring forth free energy systems for human civilization. Free energy systems (zero point, antigravity, solar, wind etc...), evenly distributed and decentralized throughout the planet will END the threat of global climate change and launch us into a new era of energy abundance and prosperity for ALL of the people on Earth.

Both zero point energy (for electrical generation) and antigravitic propulsion (for power and transportation) technologies currently sit locked up in the black budget vaults of the corporate, overmilitarized, (inter) national security obsessed state complex. These technologies must be released and harnessed immediately if humanity has any chance of surviving the 21st century. The multi-trillion dollar global hydrocarbon economy needs to be permanently and completely dismantled, demolished and overthrown- that includes the so-called new "electrical energy economy" (electric cars, electric homes, electric power grids etc...) dependent upon profit and priviledge and the expense of people and the planet.

The new free energy economy is free. That is, its technological modus operendi will not be harnessed through greed, self interest and corporate profit motivation and maximization, it will be brought in in the common interests of providing free and unlimited energy and transportation to ALL members of the human family. Love, sharing, care and compassion towards others needs will trump greed, selfishness and priviledge in this transition to a survivable and sustainable free energy future.

Zero point energy is tesla technology that draws in free electrical generating energy from the surrounding space ether that is all around us, everywhere, at all times. Zero point electrical generating boxes the size of a small refrigerator can power a whole community with free electrical energy, discharging zero pollution and being, essentially, an inexaustable and infinite energy source. Antigravitic energy- for power and propulsion- was actually developed and harnessed for flight as far back as 1954 by the global military industrial complex. Unfortunately, the technology has been weaponized and shelved so Big Oil can continue to make huge profits via the global hydrocarbon economy and at the expense of human welfare and the health of the biosphere. All of these black triangles flying around at night are, in essence, secret antigravitic vehicles developed by black budget quasi corporate/governmental institutions such as the Lockheed-Martin Skunkworks facility, the Northrup-Grummen Anthill facility, the Area 51-S4 (Dreamland) complex, the Boeing Phantom Works facility and the US Space Warfare Command Headquarters in Utah, among others...

Harnessing both zero point electricity and antigravitic propulsion, along with soft free energy technologies such as solar and wind, will permanently END the highly antiquated and earth destroying hydrocarbon economy, as well as provide free, unlimited and inexaustable electrical energy and propulsion (for home, business and transportation) to the human species for the first time ever. With the critical element of free energy developed and incorporated into the global economy, humanity will finally have a fighting chance of being wrenched off of the suicidal, ecocidal vortex that we are now rapidly descending down into as a species.

The crisis of human civilization is, in essence, a crisis in human consciousness. Just as current levels of consciousness can destroy the earth, the development of higher, evolved and more advanced human consciousness can work to bring salvation and universal peace and prosperity to our species and our civilization. However, the same level of consciousness that develops weapons of mass destruction, spends untold billions on an invasive spy and surveillance electronic camera/gps/biometric control grid and squanders untold trillions into secret black budget projects that are completely cut-off from the masses of people on the planet, will not be the new levels of consciousness that brings the free energy revolution into reality. A global 4th reich is incompatable with the establishment of an advanced planetary civilization on Earth.

Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Escalante, Utah

July 21, 2021


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